Our Bloggers

Madeline Weber

Madeline met Rachael through their high school club soccer team. She was new to the teamand Rachael was so welcoming and friendly. Madeline then went on to play soccer at Marian University and is now a second-year medical student at IUSM interested in Pediatrics. She worked at Riley as a PCA before going to medical school and spent this past summer working with the palliative care team at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She is a great new addition to the RFW team as a blogger!

Erich Weidenbener

Erich is a second year medical student at the Bloomington campus of IUSM. He is passionate about emergency medicine after working as an EMT in Indianapolis. He loves the outdoors and enjoys climbing, mountain biking, backpacking and skiing. He is just getting started with RFW and he is looking forward to educating students across the state!

Katie McMaster

Katie is a third year medical student at IUSM interested in general surgery. Her hometown is Zionsville, IN. Katie and Rachel were neighbors growing up and knew each other through soccer. She contributes to our blog.

Laura Kauffman

Laura, one of Rachael's closest friends, has been on the Rachael's First Week team since the beginning. Despite being busy teaching, you'll probably see Laura on the friends panel at an RFW program discussing her "exit strategies". Laura is in charge of the RFW Instagram, Snapchat and now she is one of our bloggers!